Unlike most vastu consultants, Paresh Goshar  believes that the laws of vastu are not just a set of theoretical rules and guidelines to be applied at any given place. He holds that the same need to be customized for every individual, type of construction and the purpose. Moreover, a combination of Astrology + Numerology and Vastu Shastra provides complete effectiveness.

Astrology Consultation

KP Astrology Chart Reading

A] Single Questions - INR 599/- (Onwards)
B] Multiple Questions - INR 1599/- (Onwards)

Full Chart Reading

A] Complete Chart Reading - INR - 3299/- (Onwards)

Marriage Proposal Consultation

KP Astrology Match Making

Main Bride/ Groom+ 1 Proposal - INR 999/-
Every Additional - INR 499/-

KP Astrology Match Making

Detail Study of Individual Charts -
1) Overall Health - Long Term Health Conditions
2) Marriage Conditions
3) Long Term Financial Status
4) Love and Pleasure
5) Child bearing
Every Persons - INR 1999/-

Legal Issues in Marriage

Legal Cases
Etc -
Consultations Starts from INR 5000/-

Gunank Match Making

Per Chart - INR 299/-

Numerology Consultation

Personal Numerology

i) Lo Shu Grid Chart and Remedies
ii) Personal Name Correction
INR - 5000/- (Onwards)

Corporate Numerology

i) Name of Company
ii) Stationary Designing
INR - 11000/- (Onwards)

Vastu & Feng Shui (National)

Planning for New Premises

(In around Mumbai) (Upto 500sq ft)
(Outside Mumbai- Travel, etc.)
Residential, Commercial, Restaurant, Industrial etc.-
Online – INR 15000/-
Site visit – INR 25000/-
Includes planning, and Suggestion for Corrections for faults in Vaastu
For Bigger Spaces Kindly Contact for Pricing

Purchase of Property

(With in-depth study of Floor plan and Personal Birth Chart.) (Online)
Starts- INR 5000/- (for up to 500sq ft)
INR 11399/- ( above 500 sq ft up to 1500 Sq ft (onwards for first property )
Second property – 5000/- (onwards) as per size just for checking.
For Bigger Spaces Kindly Contact for Pricing

Already built places- where corrections are required

Basic – Starts INR 11000/- (onwards) (unto 500 Sq ft)
For Bigger Spaces Kindly Contact for Pricing

Energy Corrections

For Residential, Commercial, Restaurant, Industrial etc.-
For Geopathic Stress, Electro Magnetic Radiations - of Mobile etc-
( for upto 500 sq ft) INR 21000/- (onwards)

Vastu & Feng Shui (International)

Planning/Purchase for New Premises

(Online)(Starts from 1000 square feet onwards)
Residential, Commercial, Restaurant, Industrial etc.-
Online – INR 25000/- (onwards)
Includes suggestion's for planning, and Suggestion for Corrections for faults in any given premises.
For Bigger Spaces Kindly Contact for Pricing

Personal Growth Coaching

Personal Consultations for Growth, Relationship, Recovery of Money, Building Passion in life , other Issues, etc.

  • We will be studing you and your chart and accordingly solutions will be provided- from all the systems as per requirements- depending on the issues you want to enhance, resolve, etc

  • INR 25000/- for 3 months (Onwards)

  • INR 25000/- renewal every 3 months (Onwards)

Health Issue's - Healing, Harmonizing and Balancing Energies.

Personal Health Issues can be tackled by  healing harmonizing and balancing your energy system. (Online)

  • We will be studding  your energy system -your energy centers-the 7 major chakras and organs.

  • INR 3000/- for checking 

  • INR 25000/-  for healing, harmonizing and balancing your energies- in 3 to 4 sitting’s in a month.

  • Depending on case to case many will require one month or few months to even year’s – all depends on the condition’s of the concerned  Person. 

  • Additionally to improve on health condition’s where  your Astrology & Numerology if required to be studied and opinion’s, suggestion’s, need to be given for remedies -can be suggested with additional fees ,  Also Geopathic Stress many times need to be harmonised in many premises which is also a major reason for long term health issue’s- this can be done with additional fees.

Requirements for the Consultation Both National and International.

  • Full Name
  • Full Birthdate, Birth Time and Place.
  • Your recent Photographs.
  • Complete Address with pincode.
  • Google Earth Location
  • Virtual Video of your Premise
  • Issue (in detail)

*Condition Apply

All the prices and plans are subject to change’s without prior notice 

*Kindly Read Disclaimer on Our Website.

*All fees to be paid with 18% GST with net amount to be transferred- any 3rd party charges have to be borne by you.

*International payments can be done by PayPal (Paypal charges have to be borne by you)  with net amount to be transferred along with GST.

*NO claims for Refund, or of any types are entertained- kindly clarify yourself with all the details before taking up any services.

The below is the comparision of Square feet (Sq Ft) to Square Meter (Sq Meter) to Square Yard ( Sq yard) for Easy reference.

*500 Sq Ft = 46.45 Sq Meter = 55.55 Sq  yard

*750 Sq Ft = 69.67 Sq Meter = 83.33 Sq  yard

*1000 Sq Ft = 92.90 Sq Meter = 111.111 Sq. yard

*1500 Sq Ft = 139.35 Sq Meter = 166.66 Sq. yard

*2000 Sq Ft = 185.80 Sq Meter = 222.222 Sq. yard

*2500 Sq Ft = 232.257 Sq Meter = 277.777 Sq. yard

*3000 Sq Ft = 278.709 Sq Meter = 333.333 Sq. yard

*3500 Sq Ft = 325.16 Sq Meter = 388.88 Sq. yard

*4000 Sq Ft = 371.612 Sq Meter =  444.444 Sq. yard

*4500 Sq Ft = 418.063 Sq Meter = 500 Sq. yard

*5000 Sq Ft =464.515 Sq Meter = 555.555 Sq. yard

*10000 Sq Ft = 929.03 Sq Meter = 1111.111 Sq. yard

1 Acre = 4046.86 Sq. Meter = 4080 Sq. yard = 43560 Sq Ft

Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction 

To understand the details of the faults in any given premises we have our online video recording courses available.

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