Energy Vaastu Services

What I Do

Welcome to Paresh Goshar – World On Vastu , where I specialize in the art of Energy Vaastu Consultation using the Energy Vaastu Protocol System to enhance the Energy and Harmony of your living and working spaces. Here’s what I bring to your journey


Selection of Property - OnSite

This service involves assisting clients in selecting the most auspicious site for their property based on Vastu principles. We analyze various factors such as land contours, surrounding environment, and directional alignments to ensure the chosen site promotes harmony and prosperity.


Online Property Selection

We offer online consultations where we assess potential properties remotely. Through virtual tours and detailed discussions, we provide recommendations on properties that align with Vastu principles and suit the client’s needs.


Existing Property Consultation

We provide comprehensive consultations for existing properties, evaluating their current Vastu compliance and offering suggestions for improvement. Whether it’s a home, office, or commercial space, our experts identify areas of imbalance and provide practical solutions for enhancing positive energy flow.


New / Existing Property Renovation - Interior Planning

In cases where existing interiors require alignment with Vastu principles, we offer renovation plans that incorporate corrective measures. From spatial rearrangements to elemental adjustments, our goal is to transform spaces into Vastu-compliant environments.


Advance Energy - Negative Radiations Corrections for all Properties

We specialize in identifying and mitigating electromagnetic radiation sources within properties that may adversely affect occupants’ health and well-being. Through strategic placement of materials and electromagnetic shielding, we create energetically balanced spaces free from harmful radiations.


Energy Activations for Business Growth

Our tailored energy activation services are designed to enhance the energetic vibrations of businesses, promoting growth and success. We help businesses align with positive cosmic energies for prosperity and abundance.


Vaastu Consultants Guidance - Support of Vaastu Consultants

We offer guidance and support to other Vastu consultants seeking expert advice or assistance with complex cases. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we collaborate with consultants to ensure clients receive the best possible Vastu solutions.


Residences – Apartments or Individual Houses or Villa

Our consultancy services cater to a wide range of residential properties, including apartments, individual houses, and villas. We provide personalized Vastu solutions tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of each property and its occupants.


Factories (Onsite Consultation)

For industrial properties such as factories, we provide onsite consultations to optimize the Vastu energy flow within the workspace. By addressing factors such as layout, machinery placement, and directional alignments, we aim to enhance productivity and efficiency.


Offices & Commercial Spaces including Stores & Restaurants

Our expertise extends to commercial properties, including offices, stores, and restaurants. We offer Vastu consultations to create balanced and harmonious environments conducive to success, productivity, and positive customer experiences.


Builders, Property & Real Estate Developers

We collaborate with property developers and real estate professionals to integrate Vastu principles into their projects from the planning stage onwards. By incorporating Vastu-compliant designs and layouts, we enhance the appeal and value of the properties they develop


Property Brokers

Our Property Brokers service caters to real estate professionals seeking expert guidance on integrating Vastu principles into their property listings. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to help brokers showcase properties in alignment with Vastu principles, enhancing their appeal and marketability.


The “Just Say Yes/No” Service

Our “Just Say Yes” service is designed for clients seeking quick and straightforward Vastu solutions without extensive consultations. Whether it’s for minor adjustments or immediate remedies, we provide prompt and effective Vastu recommendations to bring positive energy into any space.